15 Studies for Treble Alto Recorder by Alan Davis

By Alan Davis

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69) They further identify four characteristics on which they assess the patterns of authority to determine consonance. These characteristics are: 1. Consistency, or the uniformity of attitudes, practices regarding authority among subgroups 2. Complementarity, or the extent to which norms and practices of different strata of members are in agreement or are compatible 3. Correspondence, or the extent to which norms, forms, and practices regarding authority in a social unit are in harmony 4. (70) 34 EDUCATION POLICY AND EVALUATION Berman and McLaughlin also identify "consonance" as a key factor in introducing change successfully in educational programs.

THE PROBLEM 29 Proliferation and Complexity in the Educational Bureaucracies Through some perverse administrative equation, almost as if it were drawn directly from one of Murphy's colloquial laws, there has been a rapid expansion in both administrative personnel and procedures at the federal, state, and local levels to implement nationwide programs in education while learning achievement, in some important respects, has actually declined. On May 1, 1980, the new Department of Education officially opened for service.

This point is made even more clearly by examining the impact of federal and state funds upon a single district's budget. 6 over the period 1967-1980. 00. The data show that the district's budget increased substantially over the first ten years. The district's total income from federal and state special projects more than tripled over the same period, tapering off slightly in the last few years. A t the same time, however, the district's total enrollment dropped by approximately 16,500 pupils. The per pupil cost of instruction almost doubled over the same thirteen years.

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