A Handbook of Eastern Han Sound Glosses by W. South Coblin

By W. South Coblin

The center of the paintings is a systematically prepared directory of 2,558 sound glosses and 345 Buddhist transcriptions. chinese language characters in every one access are provided with heart chinese language and japanese Han reconstructed varieties.

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However, certain items, when occurring as parts of larger compounds, appear repeatedly in the data. Variant forms of the same term were included in most cases. A number of texts were eliminated entirely from the corpus because they merely repeated transcriptions which had already been found elsewhere. The next step was to identify foreign (usually Sanskrit) equivalents for the Chinese transcriptions. In many cases standard handbooks, dictionaries, and glossaries were used for this purpose. Previous studies, especially that of Pulleyblank (1962), were also very helpful.

Upasaka Skt. upatisya Skt. ratnakara Skt. akanistha Sanskrit medial -t- and -c-were probably voiced in the underlying language(s). The extent to which -p- and -k- were voiced remains problematical. 4. Sanskrit intervocalic p sometimes became -v- in the Prakrits (Pischel 1900:147, section 199;Woolner 1928:14; Burrow 1937:8;Brough 1962:87). In a number of cases Skt. -p- is rendered by MC yw-, jw-, and jiw- in BTD. These initials are regularly used to transcribe Skt. g. i 253 fPlra 291 3S$§Hfir 344 It^f kjalajwBt ka gJBn: dajwBt gjan pwajiaTwa diei zja 7wa Ijwan Iwankja jiwi la jwaika jiwi jwai- Skt.

4. 5. area which covered the region formerly occupied by the eastern dialects and the Qi and Lu branches of the central group. The Qing-Xu area is clearly set off from dialects to the west by several important SM glosses (1067/1068: Yu Si Yanh Ji // Qing-Xu and 1256/1257: Yanh Yu Si // Qing-Xu). g. f $3;>Jp]; Qing-Xu // Nanyangffrim. Central Dialects: The areas of Yanh and Ji tend to be mentioned together, and Si and Yu are sometimes also included, forming a group of central dialects. Southern Dialects: The Chu area can be considered the nucleus of the southern dialects.

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