Accelerated Dragons (Chess Openings) by Jeremy B. Silman, John Donaldson

By Jeremy B. Silman, John Donaldson

Many avid gamers are drawn to the Dragon Sicilian, yet are dispose of through the fierce mating assaults that White can release. within the speeded up Dragon, Black goals for a far better model, saving a circulation together with his queen's pawn. If White attempts to disregard the variation, Black's rapid detonation of the centre will come as an unwelcome chilly shower!The authors convey that White's major answer, the Maroczy Bind, isn't so fearsome as used to be idea Black has some ways to wreck out, whereas regularly it's attainable to manoeuvre round White's 'binding pawns' and exhibit that they imprison White's items up to they do Black's.

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19 IΣxe3 Wb6. Black is winning ίη both cases. xg7+? Φχg7 18 'ii'c2lΩd3! 19ΦhΙ Wc520h3Wg521 IΣadllΩf4 . 17•••IΣe7 More ambitious than 17 ... c4 Wb4 20 IΣel IΣxel+ 21 Wxel Wxel+ 22 IΣxel IΣxd4 23 b3 a5. xd4+ 19 Wxd4+ IΣxd4 20 bxa5 IΣd3 with a clear advantage for Black - analysis by Andres. 18••• bS! xd4+ 20 cxd4 'ii'b421dS The best try as 21 IΣel? , while 21 Wc2 Wxd4+ 22 Φh 1 lΩd3 intending ... c5c4 clearly favours Black. 21 ••• lΩxb3 21 ... a5!? can also be considered. 22 'ii'xb3 'ii'xb3 23 axb3 1Σxd5 Analysis by the Cuban 1Μ Andres.

3b) 9 ΙOdb5 forces Black 10 play Ihe very move he wanted Ιο: 9... d5! 10 i-c5 :Σe8 and now 11 iOd6? d4! 12 lί)xe8 ΙOxe8 is very bad for White. xd6 1:ιχd6 18 "xe4 with an equal position. 3c) 9"f3 is recommended by Zek. d5 1Ο 0-0-0 (or 10 exd5ll)e5 11 "e2lί)xd5 12 lί)xd5 exd5 13 h3 :Σe8 14 0-0-0 i-e615 ΙOxe6 fxe616 :ΣheΙ iOc6 with chances for both sides) 10... χg7 "g5+) l2 ... Χd4 14 :Σχd4 Wf6 15 f4 (15 :ΣhdΙ?! "ΧΩ! dΙ We3+ 22 ~bl "e4+ 23 ~al? e5! is winning for Black) 15 ... e6 (14 ... -1/'1. GarciaSpangenberg, Buenos Aires 1994.

Is equal, Estevez-Hernandez, Camaguey 1988. :a6!. xd4 :e8 17 ~Ω. +J... :a6!? d7, as seen ίη Lanka-Zilberman, Manίla OL 1992). f5 20 :d2 :c4! f4+ 24 ~f2 =. Α later test ίη Ρορο­ vych-DonaIdson, Philadelphia 1987 saw 18 :hel :ae6 19lLJg3 (19lDc3! d7 with unclear play. h6!? f5! Hernandez, Thessalonikί OL 1988) 17lDg3 :a6! 18 f4 'ilh4! xf5! e3! xe3 :xe3 25 g3 + ReaI-Estevez, cοπ 1989. b5 14 a3. :c8 White can retain a clear edge with 14 a3 ~xc2+ 15 :xc2 ~xc2 16 "xc2 "xd5 17 ~f2 (ηοι so good is 17 ~xd5?!

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