Advances in Gene Delivery Systems by Kenya Kamimura; Takeshi Suda; Guisheng Zhang; Dexi Liu

By Kenya Kamimura; Takeshi Suda; Guisheng Zhang; Dexi Liu

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L. , 1985, Comparison ofpercutaneous absorption of fragrances by humans and monkeys, Fd. Chern. , 23: 111-114. 40 SWINE LIVER USAGE IN EXTRACORPOREAL DETOXIFICATION Vyacheslav E. , 64, Russia 1. THEORETICAL PRINCIPLES FOR DETOXIFICATION METHOD DEVELOPMENT USING THE LIVER SUPPORT SYSTEM Such pathologic conditions as liver failure, thermal and radiation injuries, traumas and infections diseases may result in alterations of the liver functional state that are followed by pronounced metabolic disturbances and toxemic syndrome development.

Invest. Dermatol. 97:927-932. 19. , 1988, Percutaneous absorption of hydrocortisone during exacerbation and remission of atopic dermatitis in adults, Acta Derm. Venereal. (Stockholm) 68:331-335. 474 w. G. Reifenrath et al. 20. , 1993, In vitro assessment of in vivo damage to the barrier properties of pig skin caused by a complex mixture, J. -Cut. Ocular Toxico!. 12:239-248. 21. J. F. H. ), American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, pp. 14-16. 22. L. , 1985, Comparison ofpercutaneous absorption of fragrances by humans and monkeys, Fd.

Reifenrath et al. ,r:: 0- 12 • ltI! , :0 ~ 8 • • • • 4 • 10 15 20 25 Measured X Penetration Figure 14. Comparison of experimentally determined percutaneous penetration values in the pig vs corresponding values derived from equation 6 (see text). cases, when the treatment caused direct damage to stratum corneum (mechanical damage, corrosive or vesicant action), there was agreement between enhancement of skin penetration following in vivo or in vitro exposure. In conclusion, measurement of skin penetration by a model compound greatly facilitates assessment of changes in the barrier properties of skin caused by complex mixtures.

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