Adventure Guide to Hawaii (Hunter Travel Guides) by John Penisten

By John Penisten

Written through a resident, it is a advisor to adventurous ambitions in Hawaii, describing the easiest diving, hiking, cruising, kayaking, buying and different points of interest.

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The sun produces heat very fast in the tropics. Leaving your camera and film to “bake” in a closed car can ruin the emulsions of your film and adversely affect the operation of your camera and lens mechanisms. Sand from the beach is another problem. Fine gritty sand can get into the camera’s mechanism, on the mirror or in the lens. Protect your camera when you’re on the beach. Avoid putting it down on the sand. Finally, the fine misty salt spray from ocean surf is very corrosive to camera bodies and lenses.

Be cautious and do nothing to frighten the animals, especially on dangerous cliffside or ridge trails. Give animals the right of way. On Water n 27 n Be prepared. Know your bike and equipment and keep all in good working condition so there is no hazard to you or others. One of Hawai`i’s biggest recreational resources is, of course, the ocean. Both visitors and residents flock to the beaches and coastlines, protected bays and coves. The On Water section of each chapter details all the many types of activities available.

Mahimahi - Hawaiian name for the dolphinfish. Malasada - Portuguese fried doughnut. Manapua - Chinese steamed bun with sweet pork filling. Mandoo - Korean-style dumplings filled with vegetables or meat. Manju - Japanese sweet bun filled with bean-paste. Miso - fermented soybean paste. Misoyaki - Japanese dish of meat or fish marinated in miso, then broiled. Mochi - sticky glutinous rice cake. Nabemono - Japanese-style dish with ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, meat. Nori - paper-thin green/black sheets of dried seaweed; used to wrap sushi (rice) rolls.

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