Algebra: Concepts and Skills by Laurie Boswell, Holt Mcdougal

By Laurie Boswell, Holt Mcdougal

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You make twice as many field goals as your friend and half the number of free throws. How many points do you have? Explain the order of operations you followed. 3 Exercises Guided Practice Vocabulary Check 1. Place the operations in the order in which you should do them. a. Multiply and divide from left to right. b. Do operations within grouping symbols. c. Add and subtract from left to right. d. Evaluate powers. 2. What rule must be applied when evaluating an expression in which the operations have the same priority?

6 ϩ t when t ϭ 21 b 69. ᎏᎏ when b ϭ 18 2 70. 25 Ϫ n when n ϭ 3 71. c ϩ 4 when c ϭ 24 72. (7)(r) when r ϭ 11 24 73. ᎏᎏ when s ϭ 8 s 74. 3m when m ϭ 7 75. d Ϫ 13 when d ϭ 22 SIMPLIFYING FRACTIONS Simplify. (Skills Review p. 763) 4 76. ᎏᎏ 8 10 77. ᎏᎏ 2 15 78. ᎏᎏ 10 6 79. ᎏᎏ 20 8 80. ᎏᎏ 14 18 81. ᎏᎏ 21 8 82. ᎏᎏ 6 27 83. ᎏᎏ 3 25 84. ᎏᎏ 15 21 85. ᎏᎏ 7 3 86. ᎏᎏ 24 28 87. ᎏᎏ 4 ESTIMATING Estimate the answer. Then evaluate the expression. (Skills Review p. 774) 14 Chapter 1 88. 5 89. 03 90. 301 91. 054 92.

INTERIOR DESIGN The floor of a room is 14 feet long by 14 feet wide. How many square feet of carpet are needed to cover the floor? 53. VOLUME OF A SAFE A fireproof safe is designed in the shape of a cube. The length of each edge of the cube is 2 meters. What is the volume of the fireproof safe? Art 54. ARTISTS In 1997, the artist Jon Kuhn of North Carolina created a cubic sculpture called Crystal Victory, shown at the left. 5 inches in length. What is the volume of the cubic structure? CRITICAL THINKING Count the number of cubic units along the edges of the cube.

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