Alsos by Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy

By Samuel Abraham Goudsmit; David C Cassidy

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It was the task of the scientists to obtain and analyze all pertinent information having to do with German science. From such information they had to deduce just what places, institutions, buildings, and people in enemy territory were important for giving us the information we wanted. It then became the task of Colonel Pash and his men to see that we got to these people and these places before anyone else got there. They also had to supply us with all relevant intelligence collected by other groups in the Amer- ican and British armed forces.

Know how did not yet to pro- duce a chain reaction in a uranium pile. They did not know how to produce plutonium. They knew only, perhaps with typical German arrogance, that if they could not make an atom bomb, nobody else could either, and so they need not be unduly worried. That arrogance received a terrible jolt the day our atom bomb fell on Hiroshima. These are some of the facts that were established beyond any possible argument by the Alsos Mission, of which the author of the present book had the privilege of being the scientific head.

So our Major, despite his pipeline to the highest was not hiding behind any cloak of mys- officials, 16 WE PREPARE TO INVESTIGATE we got along now out of uniform and a successful architect, we are still close friends. Shortly after we were installed in Paris, two civilians joined the Mission who had some inside tery after fine, all. After I and although he realized that, is knowledge of the A-bomb secrets. Fred was an engineer with a thorough knowledge of Europe, a crackajack at sleuthing and a marvellous companion.

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