Atari in Wonderland by Fred D'Ignazio

By Fred D'Ignazio

Includes twenty-two brief, easy video games to take advantage of with an Atari laptop on such issues as colours, sounds, multiplication, nation names, spelling, fractions, and Spanish and French languages.

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N1~" ADDING SUBROUTINE SUBTRACTING SUBROUTINE MULTIPLYING SUBROUTINE DIVIDING SUBROUTINE 37 38 ATARI IN WONDERLAND Highlights ... The game begins (on line 100) by calling the "menu" subroutine beginning on line 3000. The subroutine lets you choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. " Right now, the computer comes up with five problems per game. " If you type "Y" or "YES," the computer calls the menu subroutine. You can continue solving the same kind of problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division), or you can try something new.

Or you can combine the two games by asking questions like: 6 + 9> 14 + O? IX + 9 ? 47 9 For Parents and Teachers ... This game helps children practice multiplication. The computer draws from one to nine hamburgers and from one to nine people. It asks, for example, if four people eat three hamburgers each, how many hamburgers are eaten? For Kiels ... Do you like hamburgers? I hope so, because you've been elected by your school to go to the first national KIDS' HAMBURGER EATING CONTEST. C. You and eight other children sit down at a huge picnic table.

This game helps children learn the size relationships between numbers. It shows them two numbers, and then asks them if the first number is greater than the second; or less than the second; or greater than or equal to the second; or less than or equal. The game helps children learn the number comparison symbols: > (greater than), < (less than), >= (greater than or equal), and <= (less than or equal). For Kids ... Numbers describe things-apples, dragons, mudpies, and worms. The bigger the number, the more things.

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